Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take some note lah..


If my face look like this , 

- I'm angry !!!
like, arghhhhh.. MELUAT la aku dengan korang...

THEN.. it takes time to heal.. it will be like this,
 HEALING takes time and EFFORT ;)
this figure was like, ape yang kau merepek ni..shuhhh2..heh.. :-/
still malas nak tego korang, meluat! meluat!! :-P

But then, It will heal soon . 
Greet me nicely,i'll talk to you politely...!!! (^_^)V

Just says 'SORRY' lah if you done something wrong..

* I'm SORRY if i'm done something wrong *
thats it... simple kan?? huhuhu
and and.. you will get this..., 

Cheerful anis ^.^
HAHA :))
poyo la pulak kan..

Ok bye..  blushing..... *tutop muka*


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