Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love change my name at FB! :))

Now that the Facebook name grab has quieted down and millions of users have secured their favorite vanity name, Facebook is giving everyone a second chance. If your new username URL is a tad racy for your business cards, or you don't want your entire full name exposed on Facebook, just go into Account Settings and then click "change" under Username. Keep in mind that this is your one chance, one opportunity because Facebook will only let you change it once (for now, anyways), so make sure you are 100 percent certain it's the name you want. And if you've read all this and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, this is how you can get your own Facebook username URL..

So, I'm trying to change my name on fb...
and this is what happen.. =.=

wuuu.. wuu.. kedekut lah !! -_________-

List nama-nama yang anis tuka dulu.. hihi
nak tuka lagi.. nak tuka, Anis Stevie G ! HAHA 
bole ? :B
btw, Aneys Rafi.. scandal 2009/2010.. love u scandal !! LOL

Ok dah tuka.. yeayy! I choose Anis Glen Johnson.. why ?
GJ is freakin cute and his technique totally expensive.. ! ngeee~
YNWA ! ^.^

HIHI.. please dont get sick of it ! THANKS :)

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