Friday, March 4, 2011

Another sad love..

someone, take these dreams away
that's keeping me awake for another day
the feeling i get is so real
it gets hard to breathe by every second
i wish i could stop feeling forever
don't want to be a human anymore
don't want to carry this heavy stone in my chest it beats harder and harder and it hurts
every time i see him is like hell
i want him for myself but he'll never see me
death is better when i close my eyes at night and hope i never wake up
until it's time to go through it all over again
i pushed the ones that truly loved me and cared about what happens to me and chose to stay with the ones that i tried to gain their respect for nothing
but is it worth it?
when i want every one to love me?
and want them to pay all their attention on me?
when even i know i'm not worth it
i don't matter that much
i'm not the one for anyone
but i know someone is meant for me
i'm just hard to read
but i know when the one comes
he'll read me like an opened book
and then i'll know that i'm not alone..

:(  :)


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