Friday, March 18, 2011

RARE pictures of me !!

If anyone has rare photos please send them to me via email and I will try to include ... Maybe I can send you more rare pics of me ! HEHEHE

Before this i used to post a pretty photo *not so pretty anyway ! :)
Gambar-gambar yang cute *not so cute anyway !!
Gambar yang cover-cover senyum.. ^.^

 Careless, beautiful, clumsy, happy, embarrassing or silly ??! 
Here, you are welcome..

Lady Gaga on building identity, self concept, self regardLady GaGa said she “felt like freak” in high school, and creates music for her fans who want a “freak to hang out with.”
She admits it took her a long time to be okay with how she is, and get beyond needing to fit in, or be like everyone else – “but not really” wanting to be…
*she's pretty freak.. and beautiful.. she remind me of myself !
HAHA ^_^

*beloved aunty!?!?!!! HAHAHA ! >.<

One Thing I never intend to do in life is upload this kind of photo.. but opsss !
as you can see.. UPLOADED !! hhi 

lain dari gambar yang dulu-dulu tuu..  :))

Creadit to lil bro, Aiman ! thanks !! -_________-


MIECA said...

wah blog nie penoh dgan liverpool lah..... terbaik.!!!!!

Anis van Buuren said...

Yeahhh Mieca.. i try penohkan lg ok ;)
thanks drop by.. i'll follow u back darl.

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