Saturday, September 24, 2011

Please read this...

*gamba hiasan* Luiz Suarez ! heheh *_*

OK back to the story. Please read this.

Hi, Mommy.

...I'm your baby. You don't know me yet, I'm only a few
weeks old. You're going to find out about me soon, though, I promise.
Let me tell you some things about me. My name is John, and I've got
beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Well, I don't have it yet, but I
will when I'm born. I'm going to be your only child, and you'll call me
your one and only. I'm going to grow up without a daddy mostly, but we
have each other. We'll help each other, and love each other. I want to
be a doctor when I grow up.

You found out about me today, Mommy! You were so excited, you couldn't
wait to tell everyone. All you could do all day was smile, and life was
perfect. You have a beautiful smile, Mommy. It will be the first face I
will see in my life, and it will be the best thing I see in my life. I
know it already.

Today was the day you told Daddy. You were so excited to tell him about
me! ...He wasn't happy, Mommy. He kind of got angry. I don't think that
you noticed, but he did. He started to talk about something called
wedlock, and money, and bills, and stuff I don't think I understand
yet. You were still happy, though, so it was okay. Then he did
something scary, Mommy. He hit you. I could feel you fall backward, and
your hands flying up to protect me. I was okay... but I was very sad
for you. You were crying then, Mommy. That's a sound I don't like. It
doesn't make me feel good. It made me cry, too. He said sorry after,
and he hugged you again. You forgave him, Mommy, but I'm not sure if I
do. It wasn't right. You say he loves you... why would he hurt you? I
don't like it, Mommy.

Finally, you can see me! Your stomach is a little bit bigger, and
you're so proud of me! You went out with your mommy to buy new clothes,
and you were so so so happy. You sing to me, too. You have the most
beautiful voice in the whole wide world. When you sing is when I'm
happiest. And you talk to me, and I feel safe. So safe. You just wait
and see, Mommy. When I am born I will be perfect just for you. I will
make you proud, and I will love you with all of my heart.

I can move my hands and feet now, Mommy. I do it because you put your
hands on your belly to feel me, and I giggle. You giggle, too. I love
you, Mommy.

Daddy came to see you today, Mommy. I got really scared. He was acting
funny and he wasn't talking right. He said he didn't want you. I don't
know why, but that's what he said. And he hit you again. I got angry,
Mommy. When I grow up I promise I won't let you get hurt! I promise to
protect you. Daddy is bad. I don't care if you think that he is a good
person, I think he's bad. But he hit you, and he said he didn't want
us. He doesn't like me. Why doesn't he like me, Mommy?

You didn't talk to me tonight, Mommy. Is everything okay?

It's been three days since you saw Daddy. You haven't talked to me or
touched me or anything since that. Don't you still love me, Mommy? I
still love you. I think you feel sad. The only time I feel you is when
you sleep. You sleep funny, kind of curled up on your side. And you hug
me with your arms, and I feel safe and warm again. Why don't you do
that when you're awake, any more?

I'm 21 weeks old today, Mommy. Aren't you proud of me? We're going
somewhere today, and it's somewhere new. I'm excited. It looks like a
hospital, too. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, Mommy. Did I tell
you that? I hope you're as excited as I am. I can't wait.

...Mommy, I'm getting scared. Your heart is still beating, but I don't
know what you are thinking. The doctor is talking to you. I think
something's going to happen soon. I'm really, really, really scared,
Mommy. Please tell me you love me. Then I will feel safe again. I love

Mommy, what are they doing to me!? It hurts! Please make them stop! It
feels bad! Please, Mommy, please please help me! Make them stop!

Don't worry Mommy, I'm safe. I'm in heaven with the angels now. They
told me what you did, and they said it's called an abortion.

Why, Mommy? Why did you do it? Don't you love me any more? Why did you
get rid of me? I'm really, really, really sorry if I did something
wrong, Mommy. I love you, Mommy! I love you with all of my heart. Why
don't you love me? What did I do to deserve what they did to me? I want
to live, Mommy! Please! It really, really hurts to see you not care
about me, and not talk to me. Didn't I love you enough? Please say
you'll keep me, Mommy! I want to live smile and watch the clouds and
see your face and grow up and be a doctor. I don't want to be here, I
want you to love me again! I'm really really really sorry if I did
something wrong. I love you!

I love you, Mommy.

Every abortion is just…

One more heart that was stopped.

Two more eyes that will never see.

Two more hands that will never touch.

Two more legs that will never run.

One more mouth that will never speak.

If you’re against abortion, reblog.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

#short update

Hye semua... saje je drop by kat sini nak bagi tahu yang Anis tak jadi beli handbag Chanel .  <-ceyceyy perlu ke mention brand handbag tuh?? :-D

Tak jadi beli . Study punya pasal la.. hmmm tak pe la sacrifice la sikit kan ? 
good time will come.. huhuhu...

* Rase sedih sikit tapi what to do?? Study lagi penting der.. focus !
kalau layan sangat nafsu tu memang APE PON TAK BOLE ! ^____^
Ok Bye! tak saba nak continue study..... yeayyy me !

I know.... hahahahha (^^)v

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Piala Malaysia 2011

Hey guys.. lama juga Anis tak usik blog ni.. berhabuk sudaaa... hehehe
Gamba-gamba terbaru Anis pon tak sempat upload.. ade guys. tunggu.... (^^,)
Anyway, Semua tahu Piala Malaysia da start so for football lover macam I ni sure tak sabar nak tengok..
*Memang tak sabar pon !! >.< \m/
Korang bole refer group and jadual kat bawah ni... jangan lupe tengok taw ! support our local football !
p/s : may the best team win !!!!

KUMPULAN A: Kedah, Perak, Sabah, Johor

KUMPULAN B: Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan, PKNS FC, Sime Darby

KUMPULAN C: Kelantan, Johor FC, Felda United FC, Sarawak

KUMPULAN D: Selangor, T-Team FC, Kuala Lumpur, PDRM

Jadual peringkat kumpulan pusingan pertama pada 6, 10 dan 13 September 2011.
Pusingan kedua pada 17, 24 dan 27 September 2011.
Suku akhir pada 4 dan 8 Oktober 2011.
Separuh akhir pada 14 dan 22 Oktober 2011
Perlawanan akhir pada 29 Oktober 2011.

Jadual perlawanan 6 September 2011 jam 8:45 malam:

JOHOR VS KEDAH - Stadium Larkin, JB
SABAH VS PERAK – 8:15 malam Stadium Likas, Sabah
SIME DARBY VS TERENGGANU - Stadium MP Selayang, Selangor
SARAWAK VS KELANTAN – 4:15 petang Stadium Sarawak, Kuching
T-TEAM VS SELANGOR - Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, K.Terengganu
PDRM VS KUALA LUMPUR - Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Paroi

Jadual perlawanan kedua 10 September 2011:

KEDAH VS SABAH - Stadium Darul Aman, Alor Setar

PERAK VS JOHOR - Stadium Perak, Ipoh
TERENGGANU VS PKNS - Stadium Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, K.Terengganu
NEGERI SEMBILAN VS SIME DARBY - Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Paroi
KELANTAN VS JOHOR FC - Stadium Sultan Mohamad Ke-IV, Kota Bharu
SELANGOR VS PDRM - Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor
KUALA LUMPUR VS T-TEAM - Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Selayang

Jadual Perlawanan Peringkat Kumpulan:
Pusingan Pertama: 6, 10 dan 13 September
Pusingan Kedua: 17, 24 dan 27 September
Lihat Di Bawah Untuk Jadual Suku Akhir, Separuh Akhir dan FINAL

Jadual Suku Akhir (4 dan 8 Oktober 2011):
Juara Kumpulan A vs N.Juara Kumpulan D
Juara Kumpulan B vs N.Juara Kumpulan C
Juara Kumpulan C vs N.Juara Kumpulan B
Juara Kumpulan D vs N.Juara Kumpulan A

Jadual Separuh Akhir (14 dan 22 Oktober 2011):
Juara A / N.Juara D vs Juara C / N.Juara B
Juara B / N.Juara C vs Juara D / N.Juara A

Jadual Perlawanan Akhir: 29 Oktober 2011

50 facts guys LOVE about girls

1. Guys prefer neat and presentable girls.
2. Guys love flirts.
3. A guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards.
4. When a guy says he doesn’t understand you, it simply means you’re not thinking the way he is.
5. “Are you doing something?” or “Have you eaten already?” are the first usual questions a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.
6. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.
7. When a guy really likes you, he’ll disregard all your bad characteristics.
8. Guys love a girl’s smile.
9. Guys will do anything just to get the girl’s attention.
10. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend.
11. When guys want to meet your parents. Let them.
12. Guys want to tell you many things but they can’t. And they sure have one habit to gain courage and spirit to tell you many things and it is drinking!
13. Guys cry!!!!!!!!
14. Don’t provoke the guy to heat up. Believe me. He will.
15. Guys can never dream and hope too much.
16. Guys usually try hard to get the girl who has dumped them, and this makes it harder for them to accept their defeat.
17. When you touch a guy’s heart, there’s no turning back.
18. Giving a guy a hanging message like “You know what?!..uh…never mind!” would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking.
19. Guys love it when girls touch their hands.
20. Guys are good flatterers when courting but they usually stammer when they talk to a girl they really like.
21. When a guy makes a prolonged “umm” or makes any excuses when you’re asking him to do you a favor, he’s actually saying that he doesn’t like you and he can’t lay down the card for you.
22. When a girl says “no”, a guy hears it as “try again tomorrow.”
23. You have to tell a guy what you really want before he gets the message clearly.
24. Guy finds ways to keep you off from linking with someone else
25. Guys love their moms.
26. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get you a couple of roses.
27. A guy often thinks about the girl who likes him. But this doesn’t mean that the guy likes her.
28. You can never understand him unless you listen to him.
29. If a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime. He does.
30. Beware. Guys can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the earth faster than girls can.
31. Like Eve, girls are guys EUR™ weaknesses.
32. Guys are very open about themselves.
33. It’s good to test a guy first before you believe him. But don’t let him wait that long.
34. No guy is bad when he is courting.
35. Guys hate it when their clothes get dirty. Even a small dot.
36. Guys really admire girls that they like even if they’re not that much pretty.
37. Your best friend, whom your boyfriend seeks help from about his problems with you may end up being admired by your boyfriend.
38. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don’t need to give advice.
39. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.
40. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.
41. Guys love girls with brains more than girls in miniskirts.
42. Guys try to find the stuffed toy a girl wants but would unluckily get the wrong one.
43. Guys virtually brag about anything.
44. Guys cannot keep secrets that girls tell them.
45. Guys think too much.
46. Guys’ fantasies are unlimited.
47. Guys hate it when girls talk about their period
48. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. So watch out girls!!
49. When a girl makes the boy suffer during courtship, it would be hard for him to let go of that girl.
50. It’s not easy for a guy to let go of his girlfriend after they broke up 
especially when they’ve been together for 3 years or more.

 p/s : Being a boy is awesome 
 You can dress any way you like, do what you want, play football & no one thinks it ain't cool 
 WISH I WERE A BOY & I would play for Malaysia, Selangor , Barca Or LFC ♥ :') 
 I Wish ! i wish !! i wish...... hahahahha :-P
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