Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hye ! Hari tu jalan2 nak shopping, cari baju, shirt, blouse yg a bit formal laa.
Tapi fashion sekarang, blouse yang cantik nak sleeveless je, kain nak transparent je..
AURAT kot.. ishh
Bila yang lengan panjang, tak cantik, design hambar and tak kena untuk teen *cough*
kena, kena GELAK! hee
c'mon fashion designer, dosa ohh buat baju sexy2 cenggitu, nak tunjuk apa sexy2 ?
sexy2 nak kemana? tak selamat la. Bahagian dada tu nak labuh sampai nampak asdfghjkl !
what for? calm your tits fashion designer !! 
I tau kulit I putih, gebu, bersih, kaki licin.. I tak nak tunjuk semua tu ok.

Ok bye~ kecewa pergi shopping sekarang nih.. huhu :p

Monday, November 12, 2012

Study week Anis' style ;)

Kepada siapa2 yang nak final exam and tengah study week, Anis nak share tips untuk belajar masa study week, tension dia jangan cerita la lagi-lagi yang ambil course macam engineering, medic or archi ;)
pengalaman Anis sebelum ni, seminggu memang tak cukup kot nak cover subject utk examsebab semua nak yang terbaik, nak fahamkan semua benda tapi kena usaha juga lah. So Anis buat macam ni,Study kat rumah ikut jadual class macam biasa. Contoh , Isnin subject PR, so hari Isnin during the study week tu pun study lah subject tu. Kalau class selalu 3 jam, bagi extra beberapa jam untuk buat exercise. Bagi Anis, cara ni berkesan juga untuk Anis dari kita kelam kabut nak manage time then end up tak buat apa2. Kan da rugi. cara belajar pulak, Anis selalu tulis note yang comel2 and baca tulisan sendiri. For me, baca tulisan sendiri double lagi faham. hehe in other word, jangan malas sangat la nak baca. Then relax la masa study tu, happy2, pakai short pant untuk selesa, minum2 masa study, I mean buat something yang comfy la masa study tu. get it? Tension masa study not good ohh.. relax.. J nanti masa exam pun kita rasa relax and tenang je.. In Syaa Allah In Syaa Allah. Ok itu je lah kalau ada ape2 Anis post lagi.. :3

p/s : Niat kena betul okay.. In Syaa Allah. hihi 0;)

GOOD LUCK.. *heart*

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Suka ataupun tidak,
Aku terus memendam rasa,
Ingin sekali aku pergi bawa diri,
tapi kemana arah............. ;(

Love what you do.

Albert Schweitzer believed that success wasn’t the key to happiness. The real key, he said, was to love what you do. If you love what you do, it won’t feel like work, and in turn, you’ll get more out of it, work harder, and be more productive.

I love my job now.. Please bless me with a better life Ya Allah :)

Get Up Early

Donald Trump is an example of the early bird getting the worm. The billionaire rises at 5 a.m. every day in order to give him time to read six different newspapers, watch the news, and to look through magazines and books. He does all this before heading to the office at 8:30, saying that he needs at least three hours in the morning for thinking and reading to be able to start his day. While you don’t have to follow his early morning reading model, getting up early could help you to get a head start on your day and make the most of the hours before work.


Whether you are a sports enthusiast or you couldn't care less about the subject, watching sport will produce a psychological effect. In fact, depending on where you stand as fanatic or detractor, your blood pressure can be affected by either watching a game of sports or being forced to watch.

Sports watchers have a sense of solidarity with and are very loyal to their teams. Many sports fans that watch or listen to a game over television or radio become very involved in the game. Sometimes, they find themselves yelling at the television screen, as their blood pressure rises.
The sports watcher psychological benefits by being able to zone out of more pressing issues that may otherwise add stress. Cheering for the underdog has its benefits as well. To see the weaker team emerge victorious is very gratifying, and for some sports watchers, it makes them feel as though they played a part of the victory.

  • If you understand how a sport is played, it is easy to listen to it over the radio and use your imagination to build a picture in your mind as you hear the play by play scenario. This exercise can be entertaining, and using the imagination can help to keep your mind fit. It also allows you to be more productive as you do other things, such as household chores. If, however, you do not understand how a game is played and the language associated with it, it is impossible to use mental images and enjoy the play by play.
    An answer why I'm just that awesome ! ececeh lebih ! ;)

Piala AFF Suzuki 2012 Promo

Copy paste dari Facebook*

mengaum lapar sang SINGA UTARA,
sang KENARI terbang membelah awan,
gagah SELADANG ibarat badang,
laju HARIMAU KUMBANG ibarat pejuang,
dahaga THE RED WARRIORS kerana darah,
tangisan PENYU kerana maruah,
GERGASI MERAH marah membara,
tanduk sang RUSA kerana perkasa,
bisa Si Jengking bukan kepalang,
lincah HANG TUAH si pahlwan bangsa ,
tenang-tenang Si BUJANG SENANG,
amuk TOK GAJAH kalau di usik,
lalu sang BADAK gerun melanda,
kerana HARIMAU MALAYA mereka turutkan,

bersatu mengekalkan piala AFF SUZUKI 2012 di bumi MALAYSIA !!!!

Nice kan?? :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advantages of growing up in a small town

Alhamdulillah I’m growing up in KAMPUNG Paya Jaras, Sg Buloh even so many ‘foreigners’ like Indonesian, etc.. But that doesn’t matter as long as my parents know how to handle it and don’t bother about them, I mean dorang tak kacau kita, kita tak payah kacau dorang. You guys have no idea how annoying they can be. Urgh! Actually that’s not main story here. I want to share about growing up and live in Selangor/ Kuala Lumpur have this big challenge where we (us, teen) more exposed to something that is not good, something that good no one would bother. Am I right? I’m not say I’m very good in everything but I can cook, so far I never come late to class, the moment I get the assignment brief, I start doing some research even though I have plenty of time, maintained my CGPA *bangga sikit lah that’s can consider as achievement la kan* hehe can you see how its link on how I grew up in ‘kawasan kampung’ I know what I want achieve, I know what I’m supposed to do with my life and I know my responsibility as a student and syukur this kawasan kampung quite far from the city with so many excitement, you know things that make me lalai, nak enjoy je. I’m enjoy with my life yeahh I do. Semua terpulang pada diri masing-masing. Hey with my ‘achievement’ tu, some said menunjuk-nunjuk but we get what we work for lah. Kan? *flipshair* :D
Guys this is my forever fav own quote, hhi

“ rushing-rushing dahulu, goyang kaki kemudian” 
 hahahahha  take the bad with the good, Rise up through it.

To whom it may concern

I know you’re still young, so many things to explore, you love this, you like this, you want that, ok let’s just straight to the point, I want by 24 years-old you are able to buy at least an engagement ring with your own money. Money that you own by yourself if you’re really wants to have a serious relationship with me. I know you’re serious with me ( do you? ) for your info, I do. This are like a reminder so that you know what should you do in the future and know your responsibility as a man, a future ‘something’ for me. I mean you know something what to do in this relationship. Many years to come so are you willing to wait? You have to wait! Please stay, keep calm and love me. You know you get what you give ;) And I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the things you do for me. You make me feel needed, wanted, and cared about.   I may not be the nicest or the best girlfriend sometimes, and I promise you that I will treat you how you deserve to be treated. About the ring’s thingy, I’m not that gatal lah want you to buy the ring for me, it just that I’m a bit risau la how you spend your money lately. Hihihi. Up to you lah kan seriously that’s your own personal matter I can say. You want do this and that as long as you know what you actually doing. Ok? Hhi.

“ Kalau ada yg kata "I u"-kata Thank u, tapi pengukur 'love' sbenarnya bkn sblm tp slps berkahwin-When u hve to LIVE & tolerate each other! “

True is it?? :) 
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