Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advantages of growing up in a small town

Alhamdulillah I’m growing up in KAMPUNG Paya Jaras, Sg Buloh even so many ‘foreigners’ like Indonesian, etc.. But that doesn’t matter as long as my parents know how to handle it and don’t bother about them, I mean dorang tak kacau kita, kita tak payah kacau dorang. You guys have no idea how annoying they can be. Urgh! Actually that’s not main story here. I want to share about growing up and live in Selangor/ Kuala Lumpur have this big challenge where we (us, teen) more exposed to something that is not good, something that good no one would bother. Am I right? I’m not say I’m very good in everything but I can cook, so far I never come late to class, the moment I get the assignment brief, I start doing some research even though I have plenty of time, maintained my CGPA *bangga sikit lah that’s can consider as achievement la kan* hehe can you see how its link on how I grew up in ‘kawasan kampung’ I know what I want achieve, I know what I’m supposed to do with my life and I know my responsibility as a student and syukur this kawasan kampung quite far from the city with so many excitement, you know things that make me lalai, nak enjoy je. I’m enjoy with my life yeahh I do. Semua terpulang pada diri masing-masing. Hey with my ‘achievement’ tu, some said menunjuk-nunjuk but we get what we work for lah. Kan? *flipshair* :D
Guys this is my forever fav own quote, hhi

“ rushing-rushing dahulu, goyang kaki kemudian” 
 hahahahha  take the bad with the good, Rise up through it.

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