Saturday, November 10, 2012


Whether you are a sports enthusiast or you couldn't care less about the subject, watching sport will produce a psychological effect. In fact, depending on where you stand as fanatic or detractor, your blood pressure can be affected by either watching a game of sports or being forced to watch.

Sports watchers have a sense of solidarity with and are very loyal to their teams. Many sports fans that watch or listen to a game over television or radio become very involved in the game. Sometimes, they find themselves yelling at the television screen, as their blood pressure rises.
The sports watcher psychological benefits by being able to zone out of more pressing issues that may otherwise add stress. Cheering for the underdog has its benefits as well. To see the weaker team emerge victorious is very gratifying, and for some sports watchers, it makes them feel as though they played a part of the victory.

  • If you understand how a sport is played, it is easy to listen to it over the radio and use your imagination to build a picture in your mind as you hear the play by play scenario. This exercise can be entertaining, and using the imagination can help to keep your mind fit. It also allows you to be more productive as you do other things, such as household chores. If, however, you do not understand how a game is played and the language associated with it, it is impossible to use mental images and enjoy the play by play.
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