Thursday, April 28, 2011



 tyler ward ! ♥__♥ tyler ward !!

* In this video, i love his dress up from top to toe ! \m/

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

gambar-gambar je :)

I'm not very good in writing so i let the pictures tell the story ok ? ^_^

saye membebel, and gigi arnab saye cakap ' VIVA SELANGOR !! '
26/4/2011 - Kelantan beat Selangor 1-0
wuuu sedih jugak.. tak senang dudok mase tengok game tu.
But i really enjoy watching the game with Bik An, Ieka , Mak Ton , Mak Ngah , Arif  , Damia and Ibu ^_^
semua Selangorian kat situ.. tengok sambil makan kerepek. BEST !

I miss SG8 so much !! :'(
Get well soon captain..



Wish you many great days ahead peeps ! xoxo,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 star LIVERPOOL :)

Liverpool 5-0 Birmingham
Maxi (7, 66, 73) 
Kuyt (23) 
Cole (86) 
YEAH!! \m/
They totally kick some ass! 

A wonderful and vintage display by the lads. Brings back the good old days.
 I'm really proud what King Kenny is doing to this great club. With top players injured, three young lads showed master class performances. Thanks to Maxi, Kyut, Cole and all for the 5 star performances. YNWA. 
all team member have to do better performance to come in 4th position. best of luck for team
In my opinion, 'they' should give King Kenny the permanent contract ! Only he can turn around our fortunes and become a force once again!
I really like what the King has done with the Reds.

Thanks boys. Good job done anyway. Hope u keep it up. Proud to be a liverpool fans.
btw, congrats Torres for your first goal at Chelsea.. ^.~


Latest about my cute niece, Damia.

I love my niece so much.
Bet when she grows up she is going to be pretty and intelligent..

Latest - same kan warna jam kami ? ORANJE !! Holland babes.. HIHI !! ^^, 

She is such a beautiful and cutest baby girl..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

13 Benefits Of A Positive Attitude

Here is a list of 13 benefits of a positive attitude. why 13 ? I love number 13. 


  1. You are more motivated to get things done and achieve your goals when you have a positive attitude.

  2. You expect positive outcomes and results, and you usually get them.

  3. Problems are no longer problems, but become opportunities to learn and grow.

  4. You have higher self-esteem. You believe in yourself and what you are capable of.

  5. You see opportunities where other people see problems.

  6. Your thinking is more creative.

  7. You have more inspiration and you rely less on others to help motivate you.

  8. You are generally much happier.

  9. You have much less stress.

  10. Your health is better because you are less stressed.

  11. Your immune system is stronger.

  12. You will live a longer life.

  13. You have more friends. Who wants to hang out with somebody who is negative?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DONT BE SAD ! positive !

Sometimes we need to stop analysing the past,
stop planning the future,
stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel,
stop deciding with our mind what we want our hearts to feel.
Sometimes we just have to go with whatever happens,
because maybe that is what lies in our happiness.

No one is in control of your happiness but you, therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. 


TQ Barney! ^__^


For anybody who suffer for acne and pimple,
take an ice cube , i normally wrap end of it with some paper towel bcoz i gonna hold it againts the pimple
i dont want to push it bcoz i dont want to push the bacteria down to the pores.just hold it..
hold there about 10 mnit / more.
well pimple, dirt etc has bacteria in em so if u put an ice..bacteria get cold it cant grow..
so it give ur white blood cell a chance to go in and fight the bacteria
and get rid of it. Do it 3 times a day so that it can kill the bacteria.
so if this is worked and u love the result, dont forget to tell ur neighbour ^^,

Everybody has different skin. So what works for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa. You just have to keep looking for a remedy that works for you. Just don't give up. Acne is something everyone struggles with, so you're not alone!

I almost give up at first , but i told myself to JUST DO IT, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE ACHNE IF YOU JUST SHUT UP AND TRIED SOMETHING !

ok bye... ^__^


I'm so in love with you.
You are well cute , sempoi , cool , sweet , stylish , and smart.
I want you so bad !! >.<
I want you DOMO KUN... i want you!!

: D

Where can i get Domo stuff  ??
My lil bro said i can get domo stuff at Kedai India , a shop near my house.. 
WT*  ! hahah

Sunday, April 17, 2011

18/4/2011 > Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

 Liverpool equalise through Dirk Kuyt in 102nd minute.
Essentially it boiled down to 12 minutes of stoppage time. Two penalties, two goals, much protest and a touchline tear-up between Arsene Wenger and Kenny Dalglish.  What a drama at the end..
 No doubt the headlines will be kenny and wenger.

Yes we still need some new blood, but this was a huge team effort and the players deserve so much credit.
PEPE REINA, my respect goes you, super saves. He was awesome ! well done lads !

For more info about Jamie Carragher, click

Whatever you think i'm not going to argue , 
I have my own opinions.

I'm Anis Syaheerah and you watching SportsCenter.
*LOL -___-
Bye. have a nice day. Dont forget to smile.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WEIGHT ! T_T' ( part 3 )

Sh*t. I'm getting chubby !!
hate it because I'm getting fatter by the minute..

End of february...

1 April ..


Perbezaan yang terang lagi bersuluh kat PIPI tu..
Tapi sekarang da start joging.. rase addict pulak nak jogging. 
Selalu workout.. suka sangat rase abdomen saket.. rase ketagih. seriously..

BEST ! \m/
try la.. :-P

WEIGHT ! T_T' ( part 2 )

Cara untuk meningkatkan kadar metabolisme bagi mempercepatkan pernurunan berat badan


10 petua untuk meningkatkan kadar metabolisme yang akan membantu mempercepatkan proses penurunan berat badan anda….
1.Bina otot-otot (build Muscle) – Badan kita sebenarnya berterusan membakar kaloriwalaupun semasa kita berehat. Kadar metabolisma pada waktu kita berehat adalah lebih tinggi pada mereka yang lebih berotot. Setiap pound otot menggunakan 6 kalori sehari manakala setiap pound lemak hanya membakar 2 kalori sehari.
2.Bersenam aerobik atau berjogging – Bersenam aerobik/berjogging tidak membina otot namun ia mampu meninggikan kadar metabolisme selepas kita melakukannya.
3.Minum banyak air – Badan kita memerlukan air untuk memproses kalori. Apabila kita kekurangan air dalam badan (dehydrated), kadar metabolisme akan menurun. Dalam sehari seorang dewasa memerlukan 8 gelas air masak (plain water). Untuk kekalkan bekalan air dalam badan, kita hendaklah biasakan meminum air masak sebelum makan. Sebagai tambahan boleh juga memakan buah-buahan yang mana mengandungi kandungan air.
4.Campurkan ais dalam air – Minuman berais akan menggalakkan badan membakar lebih kalori semasa penghadaman tetapi dengan syarat air tersebut tiada tambahan gula atau cream/susu pekat manis.
5.Makan lebih kerap – Makan lebih kerap boleh membantu mengurangkan berat badan.Ambil snack setiap 3-4 jam akan membantu meningkatkan kadar metabolisme. Kajianmenunjukkan jika seseorang mengamalkan snack mereka akan makan kurang sewaktu makan tengahari dan makan malam.
6.Pedaskan masakan anda – Makanan yang pedas mengandungi bahan kimia yang bolehmeninggikan kadar metabolisme.
7.Makan lebih protein – Badan membakar kalori 2 kali ganda bagi menghadamkan protein berbanding lemak atau karbohidrat. Sumber protein yang sihat adalah daging merah, ayam tanpa kulit, tauhu, kacang, telur dan susu rendah lemak.
8.Minum kopi – Tapi pastikan kopi yang diminum tidak dicampur cream dan gula. (agak sukar untuk lakukan, betul tak…:))
9.Minum teh hijau (Green Tea) – Kajian menunjukkan dengan meminum 2-4 cawan teh hijau seharimembantu membakar 50 kalori sehari, ini bersamaan kurangkan 5 pounds berat setahun.
10.Elakkan crash diet. Crash diet ialah mereka yang makan kurang daripada 1,000 kalorisehari. Walaupun diet ini membantu mengurangkan berat badan namun sebenarnya pengurangan berat badan adalah daripada kemerosotan otot-otot. Apabila otot-otot berkurang, maka kadar metabolisme akan berkurangan. Akhirnya badan akan bakarkurang kalori malah akan lebih cepat menaikkan berat badan berbanding sebelum diet jika individu itu sudah tidak patuh pengambilan kalori 1,000 kalori sehari.
Selain daripada cadangan di atas, antara faktor yang meninggikan kadar metabolisme ialah:
1. Sesetengah individu mempunyai genetik metabolisme yang tinggi
2.Lelaki lebih banyak akan membakar kalori berbanding perempuan semasa berehat. (Ini disebabkan lelaki mempunyai lebih banyak otot, perempuan lebih banyak lemak – faktor hormon)
3. Kadar metabolisme akan menurun apabila usia mencapai 40 tahun ke atas.

Kalau badan kurus, slim, happy macam gamba ni la.. LOL : )

WEIGHT ! T_T' ( part 1 )

The word “metabolism” comes from the Greek nounmetabole, meaning “change”, and the Greek verbmetaballein, meaning “to change”. Metabolism is the sum total of all the changes (chemical reactions) occurring in the body’s cells. It includes all of the catabolic reactions (catabolism means breaking down) as well as all of the anabolic reactions (anabolism refers to building).

Someone with a high metabolic rate is able to burn calories more efficiently than someone with a slower metabolic rate. Assuming these two people eat roughly the same amount of calories, the individual with a faster metabolic rate “burns up” more of the calories she eats; the person who has the slower metabolism doesn’t burn all the calories taken in, so the extra calories are “saved” and then converted to fat.


The best way to jump-start your metabolism is to exercise. Exercise will reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. By increasing lean muscle mass, metabolism will increase and aid in the weight-loss process. Muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue because it has a higher metabolic rate. Aerobic exercise, like walking, swimming or cycling, has the added bonus of speeding up your metabolism for 4 to 8 hours after you stop exercising. Additional calories will be burned off long after you stop exercising.

 I really started to enjoy running/jogging everyday.
Jogging every day is extremely beneficial no matter what time you do it.
Happy jogging ! ^__^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surat *sighh..


Dapat 2 surat.
Satu pasal Kolej , satu lagi pasal '3 month thingy..'
Surat tu tebal giler..

Takot nak bukak.. 
*dup dap.. dup dap !

teeheheh T__T'


*PINK !!
* NICE !!
* CUTE !!
* Suit with my skin color anyway !!

NAK ! mesti beli .

Menangis tengok  -___________-

Liga Super

Well , SELANGOR just swiftly rocketed to the top of the Liga Super !
As Selangor's die hard fans, i'm so proud of their achievement , 
They deserved it. Really hope they will keep fighthing , 
never give-up , show the fighting spirit and do the best in their next game.
To SELANGOR's HATERS , yang selalu mengutok , shut the f*ck off !
Korang tak tengok pon game Selangor, macam mana bole nak kutok , boOOo sane, BooOo sini .
Korang menampakkan kebodohan diri sendiri ok.Please lah !
Mwahahhaa laser tak? laser tak?? 

*Thats what Selangorian did baby! hee \m/


Ce citee ce cite ! ^__^

Btw , game banyak lagi , mane-mane team bole jadi juara Liga Super.
Seronok tengok local league ni , seronok bile dorang fight for the title. Time tu macam-macam magic ade.
E.g , defend bole score , player yang lebih senior show their maturity , give a good example to the youngster,
Keeper mempamerkan aksi yang cemerlang , Benteng pertahanan yang sentiasa memperkemaskan kubu mereka , 
Semua penyerang mempunyai penyudah yang baik kali ini.. <- macam Hasbullah Awang tak ??
Lebih kurang macam tu la. Tiada yang mustahil dalam bola sepak ! ^_~

btw , Perak this season mantopp ehh ! Hebat !

Duo.. Anis & Arif

Monday, April 11, 2011

12/4/2011 > Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City


Yeaaaaaaa baby !!!! this just made my day!!!

*...Big smile...*

Carroll's goal blows my mind..
his powerful shoot is so impressive!
Can all the haters now get off Carroll's back!!
Andy Carroll has money, haters don't.. muahahahah

Also, Kuyt's finishing seems to be getting better and better !
 I think i'll name one of my kids love this guy.. you can always count on him to give he's all for the team !
in my opinion he has earned the right to atleast be an icon at the club if not even a legend.. \m/

Lets see what we can do to arsenal.  MORE TO COME I HOPE. YNWA .

He belongs to Chelsea . Lets the Chelsea fans judges him ! -,-

Her Secret :))

Hello everybody. Well said , i've something to share with all of you.
Dari luaran, I memang nampak kasar, macam brader-brader , tough , and rough.
Tapi hakikatnya, I tak pernah masuk rumah hantu. Why? I takut la ape lagi.
Sebelum ni memang banyak tempat-tempat yang I pergi ade rumah hantu macam dekat 
Taman Buaya Melaka , Sunway , Genting and banyak lagi la.. termasuk dekat Hari Keusahawanan and Hari
Koperasi Sekolah dulu. I tak pernah ade niat pon nak try masuk. Takut gilerr.. hhe

And one more thing, I tak pernah naik roller coaster.. why? takut jugak !
Imagine, pusing-pusing la , terbalik la , seram kot. huhuhu
Maybe one day I akan overcome my fear tu. Sape tau I pergi dengan boyfriend or husband..hihihihi
Time tu dorang bole tengok muka i jerit-jerit, rambut messy , pejam-pejam mate konon sebab ketakutan , 
bole manja-manja dengan dorang time tu. *my imagination is wild* HAHA
I hope they still love me at my worse , I mean lepas tengok my appreance camtu, terjerit-jerit macam 
pontianak , Hope they dont mind lah. Tapi fikir la, Rumah hantu / roller coaster kan.. mesti la
kena respon macam tu. Takkan nak numb or dull je. hhi 
Wajib kot menjerit for penakot like me. huhuhu (--)v

Btw , I tak suka dating dengan guy yang suka cover, bajet macho , control handsome la konon. 
Boleh buat benda tu semua..tapi kena tengok tempat and time la.. jangan la kau 24/7 nak cover-cover.
Chill lah, have fun..enjoy, jadi gile-gile, melawak dengan I.. Best kot macam tu..
*still, my imagination is wild* :))
OK , till we met again.. Thanks for reading. I really appreciates that  ^_^

p/s : profile picture facebook I sekarang serious boyish giler.. ce tengok.. ce tengok ! :-D

This girl, Dalam hati ade taman ! nutss !
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