Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 star LIVERPOOL :)

Liverpool 5-0 Birmingham
Maxi (7, 66, 73) 
Kuyt (23) 
Cole (86) 
YEAH!! \m/
They totally kick some ass! 

A wonderful and vintage display by the lads. Brings back the good old days.
 I'm really proud what King Kenny is doing to this great club. With top players injured, three young lads showed master class performances. Thanks to Maxi, Kyut, Cole and all for the 5 star performances. YNWA. 
all team member have to do better performance to come in 4th position. best of luck for team
In my opinion, 'they' should give King Kenny the permanent contract ! Only he can turn around our fortunes and become a force once again!
I really like what the King has done with the Reds.

Thanks boys. Good job done anyway. Hope u keep it up. Proud to be a liverpool fans.
btw, congrats Torres for your first goal at Chelsea.. ^.~



AdLiNa said...

Great win..hope we keep up the winning momentum..ynwa <3

zl_azam said...

bahye ni..season depan xleh main2 dah ngan liverpool... :p

Anis Syaheerah said...

watch out everybody cause here comes LIVERPOOL!


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