Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Letter -.-

I got a letter from the bank today and
check out the name on the envelope.... -________-

*pfffftttt !
HEY ! i'm not married yet! ^.^
so its supposed to be 'Miss Anis Syaheerah'
or 'Cik Anis Syaheerah' lah kan?
haiyaa.. :))

Btw, lambatnya Alliance Bank tu hantar surat I.. sekarang da 8/3/2011 kot.
ishh..ishh.ishh !

its okay..it alright! nobody perfect.. people make mistake !! ^.~

**lain-lain surat**
Again.. daa.. CIK/MISS la.. please !! :))
macam best je kan tittle 'Puan' tu..
buat Anis exited pulak nak dapat tittle 'Puan' tu..
tak sabar lah..
LOL -____-

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