Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mad for nothin'

Facebook chat is good for the people who use facebook as a fun site, like me 
However I hate those people who use it as an advertisement or some viral stunt. Whenever I go online on the chat, I get atleast 3-4 advertisement messages and stupid question which really irritates me.. so most of the times I keep it off.. 

I do FB chatting if I have a time..and with chosen friends as well..
 I don't usually entertain strangers on FB in general...


I'm single because I'm a jerk and scared of commitment! >.<
Right now, my life as a swinging single is just about as good as it gets.
However, I must admit to feeling a twinge of envy when I see happy couples doing coupley things together. But when I compare that to the freedom of doing what I want, wherever and whenever I want without having to account to anyone apart from myself; I'd choose the latter. Maybe I'm simply not ready for someone, or maybe I haven't found the right person yet. Ok, so I'll wait. There's no hurry.


So pathetic ! I dont like you.. I'm so freakin bored with your attitude !
Your attitude SUCKS ! Nothing interest me.
Go fuck yourself !! grr

I dont like facebook chat at all, but somtimes i do chat with some friends, very rarely...


Syed Muhammad Aiman said...

adoi ,
mcm ni punya org pun ada ka ?
adoi .
chill2 anis .
orait ?
alaa , x yah layan la .
btw anis , nnt aiman blik k.l kita jumpa boley ?
dgn ainy skali pun orait gak .

Anis van Buuren said...

hehhe.. mara der.. time post ni Liverpool klah plak. bahhaha ;D

nk hangout nnti call anis ye ble da smpai KL ;)

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