Thursday, February 17, 2011


(My English not soooo beeessst!! ) -___-

Hye.. Anis selalu dengar and baca cerita pasal awek kalau frust kena tinggal boyfriend selalu telan panadol 20-30 biji.. duhh why you do that ? Kalau telan banyak-banyak camtu boyfriend uols bukan ambik kesah sangat.. daa..

peeps, there are plenty of disadvantages on your action..

BTW, uols telan banyak-banyak macam tak tak ade faedah je.. cuba fikir orang lain yang perlukan ubat tu untuk cure penyakit but tak mampu etc.. ish..ish..ishh

Ok..penat membebel ! Banyak lagi nak membebel tapi Anis ade niece and cousin perempuan, takut la pulak kalau dorang buat benda yang sama.. hek hek..

Hope jangan la yea..

Psssttt.. case macam ni banyak jadi kat member Anis and member-member sekolah dulu
.. favourite betol dorang kat panadol ni..

So, kepada member-member sekolah yang rajin usha2 blog Anis..
this entry is honestly and sincerely untuk uols :D


The recommended adult dose of 2 x 500mg tablets (8 tablets maximum in a 24 hour period) is quite safe, but overdose is likely to result if more than 24 or 30 tablets are taken at the same time. A paracetamol overdose can damage the liver (an effect termed hepatotoxicity), and takes effect more than 24 hours later. 

The main disadvantage is, as with any medication, toxicity in high doses. Paracetamol is toxic to the liver, so an overdos will cause liver and renal failure, leading to mutliple organ failure and death.

Paracetamol overdose may include excessive sweating, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

All you will get is permanent liver problems.

In case of a Paracetamol overdose, seek medical attention right away.

Too much paracetamol, is going to result in horrible stomach pain, and, I mean horrible, excruciating and agonizing would describe it well. Don't do it, go see a psychiatrist, i thought it'd be usless and embarassing, but turns out he actually helped.


When taken at the recommended dose, side-effects of paracetamol are rare. Skin rashes, blood disorders and a swollen pancreas have occasionally happened in people taking the drug on a regular basis for a long time. 

One advantage of paracetamol over aspirin and similar drugs (eg ibuprofen and diclofenac) is that it won't upset your stomach or cause it to bleed.

A paracetamol overdose is particularly dangerous because the liver damage may not be obvious for four to six days after the drug has been taken. Even if someone who has taken a paracetamol overdose seems fine and doesn't have any symptoms, it's essential that they are taken to hospital urgently. An overdose of paracetamol can be fatal.

You obviously don't want to die. Go to the hospital. 
You've got a long future of psychotherapy coming your way.

Do not take paracetamol unless you have high fever or headache.
Please keep in mind I am not a doctor..

MY PAINKILLER.. wahwahwah ~_~







Well if you overdose you are warned it can kill you, but taken properly for something like a headache it can cure! 
A bit of advice. 
The Four 'P's of Pain Relief
1. Pinpoint - You start to feel not quite right. Before you do anything, stop and pinpoint your pain

2. Pause - Once you have identified your pain, pause and think 'how can I help myself? For example are you dehydrated? Would drinking more water help?

3. Pharmacist - If you are unsure what pain relief is right for you, pop in to your local pharmacy and ask your pharmacist for advice.

4. Pain Relief - Paracetomol can be used as a first-choice pain reliever in most situations and has fewer side effects than other common pain relievers. 

** Ade tak lelaki yang telan panadol banyak-banyak kalau frust??!
hmmm ?!!???!

Anis belom dengar cita camtu lagi.. huhuhh

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