Sunday, February 20, 2011


Best game ni.. 
Cute je..
Sape tah invite Anis main game ni kat FB.. i loikeee..
haa. Nama game ni Footy!

Benda ni la Anis main bile weekend -.-'

jangan gelak ok !
So, sape-sape yang ada tanya Anis wat ape weekends, ni jawapan untuk korang yea..

If I spend most of my time playing video games etc, does that mean I have no life?

Hello . People have their own preferences and priorities, I don't need someone else's judgement!!

TQ ! *__*

First game menang 3-0.. daa.. ^.^

I'm addicted to them !! jajajaja ^^

Sape tau kenapa nama team Anis 'SyaCesc'.. mesti dia tengah gelak guling-guling.. LOL
bia la.. hhi
btw, jersey warna pink..seluar warna merah O_o'
nasib baik tak de bunga-bunga.. 


Comel gile.. nak buat bicycle kick.. ; D

pass cam Xavi ! terbaekkk.. LOL ^.^

Why do I love this game so much?
 I dont see anything unique or special, i just love it and dont know why!
Its a pretty cool game ;)

 p/s : Dont judge me on what people have told you, get to know me first. 

** Ok ngarut.. saje je nak share dengan uols benda yang Anis suka ! :)
bye !

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