Thursday, December 2, 2010

SLIM tips.

Hello readers.. how are u doing?? nani wo shitemasu ka?  jigeum mweo haeyo? Ni hao ma ? 
ap keya kar-raha hay? Cómo estás? I hope you are well and not too stressed about work today. I hope you’re a nice person. I hope you’re kind to your peers, even the ones everyone else is picking on. (In fact, be extra-kind to them.) I hope you smile a lot. I hope you call girls/boys you like—instead of texting or e-mailing. I hope you open doors for women, and not just on the first date. I hope you love shelter animals and I hope you recycle :)
Today i would like to share with you about some valuable tips which can make your thighs and hips slimmer! muahahahaha

A conversation between me and my lawyer, Thaqib :)
p/s: nama saye kat YM memang poyo skit..hhe

AnisHotstar: lapa rr.. hha ttbe je.

Saqhib Firdous: oh...pi la mkn... thaqib ok ja

AnisHotstar: diet r,, mkn esok je la..siang td wat ape je??

Saqhib Firdous: hari ni satu hari online ja...cuma pagi tadi ja pi class. anis plak? tadi buat                              apa?

AnisHotstar: update blog je.. mkn sekali je td.. hebat x?? diet r babe..lemak naek mnjadi-jadi.hahhahahah

Saqhib Firdous: weh...jangan diet mcm tu.. tu tanda nak jadi lagi gemuk ada la...serious.tau tak, sumo wrestler makan sehari sekali ja tau..

AnisHotstar: O_O

Saqhib Firdous: haha...tau sebab apa makan sehari sekali boleh jadi gemuk?

AnisHotstar: WHY??

Saqhib Firdous:  sebab, bila kita mkn sehari sekali, badan kita ingat kita tak makan dah for the next meal, so, dia store semua benda including fat... paham ?

AnisHotstar: ic. ok2..

Saqhib Firdous: anis nak slim kan???

AnisHotstar: NAK r..

Saqhib Firdous: nak tips jadi slim???

AnisHotstar: nak thaqib.. cpat2..

Saqhib Firdous: it is..
tip 1: kita ikut sunnah nabi that is...nabi kata kita makan when we are hungry, and stop         before we are full.
tip 2: in one meal, anis measure anis punya palm of your hand...exp:carbohydrate one palm, protein one palm, vegetable one palm...
 yg tip 2 tu untuk every meal...
so satu pinggan ada dalam tiga palm lebih kurang...

AnisHotstar: oww.ok..faham2!!wuu..hebat2..

Saqhib Firdous: ...ingat tau tips ni.. jgn lupa plak...

Last message received on 27/11 at 1:54.. hhe

*dah kot ^_^

btw, I've changed my lifestyle by exercising daily, eating healthy, whole foods and staying away from sugar and processed junk...hhehehe

Hopefully this short conversation has given you some quick slim tips that you'll find useful :)
Have a clear plan of what you want to accomplish, set your goals, and then maintain your focus as you work towards them!!

Anis Syaheerah :)


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