Wednesday, December 1, 2010


hye woww u??  today I would like to share with you points of view and discussion about gossiping. I like this!

 "Who gossips with you will gossip of you"

haha..ok i learn sumthing new..

As many of my friends know I am a big fan of gossip..hha.. Gossip also 
a new epidemic facing our teens today... wahaahahha

Gossip is defined as: the casual talk about people and their personal affairs. There is 'good gossip'- which is defined as casual and informal talk that often provides useful information, and then there is 'bad gossip'- which is essentially good gossip turned bad; in other words; causal talk that turns into harmful speech. It is this type of gossip that does the most damage.
What's the harm? Well, to those being gossiped about:
* gossip can ruin a person's good reputation.
* gossip can humiliate.
*  gossip raises doubts and causes mistrust.
*  gossip can destroy friendships.
*  gossip exposes matters that should have been left in private.
*  gossip can demean.
*  gossip can cause low self esteem. (which unfortunately has even caused some to try and even succeed at taking their own lives)
Not to down play the effects on the one being gossiped about; what's the harm to those who are doing the gossiping?
* The gossipers character is undermined.- Being known as a malicious gossiper says more about your character than that of the person being talked about.
* The gossiper looses friends.- Once you've become known as a gossip, people might come to view you as someone likely to do them harm, and they may no longer seek your company. Malicious gossiping will cost you the confidence of your closest friends.
Consequently, no one comes out a winner. There is no doubt that words can hurt, whether they come directly from your mouth or whether you use e-mail or instant messaging, the effect is still the same. So before you choose to spread a rumor or even listen to one, ask yourself: "Do I really know the facts?" "Will what I say cause my listener to think less of the person I'm talking about?" "If so, what is my motive in saying it?"
Remember; 'a dog that brings a bone will carry a bone', in other words, the person who gossips to you about others...will gossip to others about you... -.-'
p/s : 
Forgive others and God will forgive you.
this is what I wanted to share so far. I would kindly ask you to share yours.


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