Thursday, December 23, 2010

GROSS !!!!

Hye sad!! i would like to share about 
 'bad things have happened to me in my life.. ' :(

I don't like them, they are a curse. I get these great big jobs in my eyes which hurt like damn great hurting things..

 i really, really need to get rid of them.. i have only two days before my cousin's wedding at Kelantan. Now i'm look like a FREAK ! So i decide to see eye doctor for preventive care. The doctor thought it might be an infection but it's fine. Nothing serious. She reminded me to take my medicine at the right times.  I need to get consistant at taking ALL of my medicines in order to look better.

GrOOS!!! i know.. #___O

(photo by my brother.. *moody)
 whats up with this crazy huge ulcer in my eye? thank God only 1 ulcer.. :(

Antibiotic take 1 biji, 3 kali sehari . Tahan sakit take 2 biji , 3 kali sehari . 
Selsema take 1 biji , 3 kali sehari.. ;D

Anis Syaheerah =/

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