Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a GIRL want to hear....

Girl :  Thanks for the fun day :)

Boy :  No problem

Girl :  Can i ask you a few question ?

Boy :  Sure

Girl : honest..
          Have i ever crossed your mind ?
Boy :  NO

Girl :  Do you like me ?

Boy :  NO

Girl :  Do you want me ?

Boy :  NO

Girl :  Would you cry if i left ?

Boy :  NO

Girl :  Would you live for me ? 

Boy :  NO

Girl :  Would you do anything for me ?

Boy : NO

Girl :  Choose me or your life ?

Boy :  My life

* The girl ran away in shock depression *
* The boy ran after her and told her.......
The reason you never crossed my mind b'coz you always in mind..
The reason why i dont like you bcoz i LOVE you !
The reason i dont want is b'coz i NEED you !
The reason why i wouldn't cry if you left b'coz i'll DIE if you left !
The reason why i woulldn't live for you b'coz i would die for you !
The reason i'm not willing to do anything for u coz i would do everything for u !
The reason i choose my life b'coz you are my life..... <33

In the BOOK OF LOVE there's only two characters named YOU and ME... =)
Dont Say Forever if you Only Plan on Beinq My Temporary..

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Syed Muhammad Aiman said...

Fantastic one anis !
i wish you already find ur true love .
happy for u sis .!
me ??
empty still . haha .
hopefully 1 day .

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