Monday, August 16, 2010

Newborn Baby :)

my baby hotstar :D
Hello everyone, I had just written my first entry on my blog..This is basically a real story...
From now on I will be blogging at my personal blog site:
some interesting stories coming up there.. :)

To Anis Syaheerah : Congratulation On Your New Arrival..All the waiting's over and you heart is full of joy, Your prayers were truly you have your 'baby girl' named Hotstar =)) The moment that you saw her the love flowed from your heart, she'll change your life forever as he did right from the start...she'll fill your heart with pleasure with all the fun she makes, You'll watch his precious life unfold with every step she takes, Her love will last a lifetime, she'll make your dream come true, She'll fill your life with love and pride as only children do. Congratulations On the Birth of Your Blog =D 
Life certainly changes with the arrival of a 'baby'
heheheh.. ;))
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